9 Hacks to Create a Crisp Explainer Video

In case you are looking to create a killer Explainer Video sometime soon and are clueless about how to get started, this blog is just what you need.

For novices, an Explainer Video is one that lets you explain your product or service to a potential customer in a span of just about 60-90 seconds.

Such videos could help a great deal in engaging with your target audience and establishing a brand recall value.

It is important for you to leave a mark on the minds of your audience the very first time you introduce your product to them.

This is why it becomes quintessential for you to get your first-ever Explainer Video right.

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The Script

What forms the very foundation of an Explainer Video is its script.

Once you have the desired script in place, half your work is done.

A lot of times, it is better to have an outsider write the script for you. This will prevent any bias from creeping into the dialogue and will also help in keeping it to the point.

Before you ask someone to start working on the script, prepare a questionnaire that could really help him in understanding your product.

Pen down how you would describe your product in a sentence, how you would want to position it in the market, and who you would wish your target audience to be.

This would enable the writer to take cues from your understanding and create a script based on relevant details.


Be Original

You must have heard of this tip several times before but trust me, nothing works wonders like being authentic and original.

Take ideas from other Explainer videos if need be.

But when you sit down to make your own video, add a unique flavor to it. Customize it as per the needs of your target market and try and engage potential customers.

Keep the tone friendly and welcoming, just like you would with a friend. Talk about the various benefits of your good or service.

Instead of cutting to the chase and directly making a sales pitch, introduce yourself and establish a bond with the viewers first.


Keep it Short and Simple

Don’t beat around the bush too much.

Remember that you only have a few seconds to leave an impact on the viewer and persuade him to buy your product.

Let me break down the timeframe of the video real quick.

  • Spend the first 20 seconds of the video discussing the problem that your product could address,
  • the next 5 on how your product could help,
  • the next 25 on how your product works,
  • the last 10 seconds on how the viewer can purchase it.

This way, you save time and energy and also stay well within the limits of a viewer’s attention span.


Source: Vidyard.com


Source: Groovehq.com


Use Simple Words

As far as possible, avoid using jargon or complex words in your Explainer Video.

The very purpose of this video is to explain the benefits of your product to its potential customers in a simple and crisp manner.

Instead of explaining product features, explain how it would add value to the lives of customers.

Replace “100 GB RAM” with “Enough storage to safely store your beautiful memories”, to add that desired personal touch.


Picture and Voice Clarity

Do not try and save money by asking a friend to make the video.

Hire a professional agency for making your video and let the voice be that of a professional, too.

This is an investment that you would make for great returns. To achieve the desired level of precision and voice clarity, you can also use tools like FlexClip, which can be highly beneficial. FlexClip is a user-friendly video editing platform that offers a range of templates and effects to enhance video quality.

Make sure that your video has the required clarity and precision to keep the target audience glued to it till the very end.


Create a Storyline

The audience has never heard of your product or service before. They will only perceive what you tell them about your offering.

Thus, prepare a clear-cut storyline of how you wish your video to shape up and share it with the Video making agency so that they deliver exactly what you wish to showcase to your audience.

Do not leave any scope for miscommunication.



Source: Markrhugraphics.blogspot.in


Don’t Shy Away from Humor

Selling a product is serious business.

But guess what? It is not necessary for your Explainer Video to be entirely professional.

Feel free to add some funny quotes or punches here and there.

Your video must be such that it connects with people of all age groups alike.

Therefore, it should have an entertainment value associated with it.

The idea is to make people smile and help them retain what they see for a long long time.

Furthermore, you can use your video to point out some relevant social issues and break a taboo that resonates with the viewer.


Add Music

Help your viewers utilize as many senses as possible while viewing your video.

You have no idea about the impact that a powerful background score can have on the minds of viewers.

You may have a perfect tone in your mind before starting to work but make sure it goes well with the storyline after the completion of your video.

Otherwise, you could choose to get a tone from a wide variety of available options at websites like Tunefruit or PremiumBeat.


Plan a Grand Launch

Do not get so consumed with making the video that you forget to plan for its launch.

Once you have your Explainer video ready, select an appropriate video host.

There are several options available to choose from, Wistia, Vidyard, and Brightcove being a few.

Next, construct a marketing plan for social media promotion to enhance your video’s reach.

Use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to market it.

Add links to the video in your blogs.

Go the extra mile to help people locate the video.

The final step is to integrate the video on your Company Website.

Once that’s done, you’re all set to roll!