Facebook Marketing Case Study- Fuego

How Facebook Marketing helped FUEGO boost their sales!

FUEGO is a Singapore-based bar and restaurant established, situated inside an IT tech park. This case study breaks down the various Facebook strategies and other solutions FUEGO applies to capture relevant leads and convert them to sales.


Fuego Bar And Kitchen, Singapore

Fuego is a Singapore-based Bar and Kitchen restaurant space, strategically situated in Alexandra Techno park. The restaurant space mainly attracted professionals from the IT tech park looking for a space to unwind after a hectic day of work.

Fuego specializes in traditional Singaporean cuisine, seafood, and a wide range of beverage options. The marketing strategy for Fuego combined both traditional advertising methods like pamphlets/banners and social media marketing like Facebook ads campaigns etc.  


The Pain Points

Running a restaurant is not easy, especially when you are just starting out. You need to build an online and offline credibility to get more customers.

Fuego faced pretty much the same problem. Lack of engagement, less revenue and low ROI were some of the key issues that the business faced. This case study discusses how Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns helped Fuego generate relevant leads.

We will also touch upon some other strategies that small-scale restaurant businesses can apply to boost their business.


How To Market A Restaurant Business Online?

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of the things Fuego did to flourish online. Take notes everyone!


Smart SEO Solutions

Fuego has a local customer base and hence opted for SEO strategies that would get them noticed on local food listings, directories, food blogs, and food magazines. Getting mentions from online food reviews, travel platforms like Tripadvisor, listicles etc. also really put them on the map.

Small-scale restaurants should also get their businesses listed on Google My Business. This is a handy platform to help you understand your target customer and ensure that you pop up whenever someone searches for services in your niche.

Google my Business listing
Integrating Google maps
Local SEO strategies
Online reviews/features/mentions


Facebook And Instagram Marketing

Localized Facebook and Instagram campaigns such as the Happy Hour paid promotions run on specific days/timings were very productive in generating relevant leads.

Note: run targeted ads before/during meal hours. Other than that, using organic social media posts to feature professionally captured/edited food photographs help rope in more customers.

Running localized, targeted FB ads
Mouth-watering food pictures
Highlighting bestselling dishes
Featuring banners/posters/pamphlets


Conversion-Friendly Website

Fuego optimized the menu to make it readable, navigable, and mobile-friendly.  The aim was to make the online ordering experience as simple as possible for the customer

Restaurants can also partner with popular food delivery apps like Menulog, UberEats, or Deliveroo to get more business.

A quick tip: many restaurant businesses are converting their ipads to cash registers using the EPOS system. It is a quick, secure way to calculate taxes, discounts, or coupon offers.

Mobile-friendly menu
Simple online ordering process
Listed with food delivery apps
Integrating EPOS for safer payments


Strategic Business Collaborations

Fuego’s partnered with brands like Bira91 beer and Kona beer, offering special discounts on their beverage.

Getting featured in food blogs, vlogs, travel magazines, YouTube reviews, Facebook food videos, etc. also improve your restaurant’s web presence.

You can even collaborate with local micro-influencers, food critics, local FB food groups for more clout.

Brand collaborations
Partner with food bloggers
Collaborate with local influencers
Partner with 3rd-party even organizers


Robust Feedback & Follow-Up

Based on the insights collected from FB campaigns, Fuego used automated emails, regular reminders during rush hours, follow-up SMSes, etc. to keep their customers engaged.

A quick tip: you can slip in the restaurant pamphlet or a QR code card along with the packaging to inform customers of the latest offers. Customers can now contact you directly instead of through a food delivery app.

Email marketing strategies
SMS marketing strategies
Banners/pamphlets for lead capture
QR code cards, coupons
Running your own promotions


So, What Have We Learnt?

Here are some key takeaways from our experience with Fuego when it comes to Facebook marketing.

Online Ordering System

Online Accessible Menu

Targeted Paid Ads

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