Ecommerce Marketing Case Study- Quirqstation

Here is how a “CLICK AND MORTAR” Giftshop doubled their Subscriber’s List!

Quirqstation is a Bangalore-based gift shop, operating both online and offline. This case study traces the steps taken by Quirqstation to boost their online sales mainly through social media campaigns and email marketing solutions.


Quirqstation- Click And Mortar Giftshop

Quirqstation is an omnichannel platform for creators, illustrators, doodlers, cartoonists, and other artists to sell their work to a niche customer base. Based out of Bangalore, Quirqstation has retail outlets in Indiranagar, Chruchstreet and Whitefield. Quirqstation is a “click and mortar” store, this means the company has both an online and offline presence.

Established in 2017, Quirqstation has featured some well-known urban artists like Alicia Souza, Kate Abbey, Paul Fernandes and even several rural traditional creators. The main goal of the company is to attract more customers- both in-store visits and traffic to their online marketplace.


The Problem

Managing a brand on both fronts can get a little daunting, especially for growing start-ups. Most businesses cannot really afford the time and effort required to run ad campaigns, send follow-up emails or organize promotional strategies to attract customers.

Quirqstation, as a “click and mortar” store wanted quick and effective ecommerce marketing solutions to increase their online sales. Plus, they also wanted to capture and nurture the leads generated through these campaigns.

Email automation solutions and social media campaigns are two ways they managed to achieve these goals.


Effective Ecommerce Marketing Solutions

Some ecommerce marketing strategies adopted by Quirqstation to increase their online sales.


Contests And Giveaways

We helped Quirqstation set up a free greeting card giveaway event, wherein people could send a free greeting card to a person of their choice.

Anyone interested in this offer has to subscribe to Quirqstation qualify for this greeting card giveaway. We used Facebook campaigns to promote this giveaway offer. This way, we could maximize ROI with less CPC (cost-per-click), making it an affordable solution.

Free greeting card giveaway
Getting more subscribers
Low cost-per-click
High return on investment

Photo from marketplace designers in canva

Newsletter And Email Campaigns

The greeting card giveaway along with other contests helped Quirqstation capture relevant leads. The next step would be to nurture those leads and make them loyal customers.

For this, we helped Quirqstation set up email campaigns wherein subscribers would get monthly newsletters, regular updates and some info on the artists featured on the store. A special section was dedicated to the cartoonists, illustrators, creators and doodlers and their bestselling work.

Monthly newsletters
Regular product availability updates
Featuring bestselling artists/creators
Automated follow-up emails


Seasonal Discounts And Offers

Seasonal discounts, offers and coupons help growing businesses attract more customers to their store. In Quirqstation’s case, the company launched multiple seasonal campaigns for Mother’s day, Christmas, Holi, and Diwali.

These are some of the popular events for Quirqstation’s customer demographic. By offering hefty discounts on gift items and merch, Quirqstation managed to successfully attract more people to their store.

Understanding the buyer persona
Launching well-timed campaigns
Offering seasonal offers
Discount on merch and gift items
Increase in revenue and sales


Organic Facebook/Instagram Posts

Organic social media engagement increases a brand’s chances to connect with the right customer. Quirqstation’s social media strategy was simple, their organic posts showcased bestselling artists, newest arrivals, latest products offers and more.

A quick tip: Our experts at Page Potato highly recommend a healthy mix of informative, awareness-generating, trending, and promotional posts to keep your followers engaged.

Organic Facebook photo posts
Short video posts
Carousel ads and sliders
Catchy FB banners, cover images


Conversion-Friendly Website Design

Simply having a website is not enough for an ecommerce venture to succeed. The website must be optimized to actually engage visitors and convert them to paying customers.

Quirqstation adopted some tried and tested website optimization strategies to make their website attractive, navigable and conversion friendly.

Adding eye-catching banners
Adding relevant CTA
Optimizing product pages
Adding attractive images/videos/graphics


Ecommerce Marketing Ideas We Recommend

Ecommerce is more than just having a web store, you can so much more to promote your business online!

Our experts at Page Potato have a few ecommerce marketing strategies that you can implement to give your business a boost.

Link building campaigns for category pages
On-page SEO for product pages
Getting featured on popular marketplaces like Amazon
Getting mentions from niche-blogs, micro-influencers
Monetizing solutions through Affiliate Marketing
Setting up a Facebook business page or Instagram Shop
Running paid Google display ads to targeted customers


So, What Have We Learnt?

Here are some key takeaways from our experience with Quirqstation when it comes to ecommerce marketing.

Seasonal Campaigns

Giveaways & Discounts

Email Automation Solutions

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