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Facebook Ads For Better Lead Generation And Conversion

Our automated campaigns keep churning leads even you are sleeping. This is how we do it.


Creative Ad Copies

Engaging graphic and video ads to hook your audience.

Lead Generation

Retargeting funnel ads on Facebook to generate leads

Lead Conversion

Automated email campaigns to convert leads to sales

Ad Analysis

Analyzing reach, engagement, and conversion rate for ads

A Few Words By Walter

Shan has been amazing and patient. He has been able to understand a concept from ideas and produce it from words to reality. With myself being time-poor, Shan has been supportive and constructive. I highly recommend Shan for any of your social media and web designing needs. A very professional and industry savvy individual.

Walter Spezza, Property Insurance Expert.



Video Ads

Short Video Ads are great for brand awareness and consideration campaigns.

Photo Ads

Photo Ads are simpler with usually have one image, one CTA and one link

Slideshow Ads

Slideshow Ads allow different images, adding music, text overlays etc.

Carousel Ads

Carousel Ads have different “cards” each with its own image and link

Canva Ads

Canva Ads include video, GIFs, text and are optimised for mobile phones

Dynamic Product Ads

Dynamic Ads are targeted to people who’ve searched for your product online

Creative Facebook Ads To Keep Your Audiences Hooked!

Facebook marketing is all about the visual appeal. And at Page Potato, we ensure that every ad you post generates value for your business. We deliver everything from image posts with a single CTA to stunning carousel ads where you can add multiple image slides, each with a different link. Short video ads are usually 10-20 seconds long and used to boost your brand’s online visibility.

Each of these Facebook ads serves a different purpose. Let’s get on a Zoom call to discuss your business goals and we can then draft a Facebook marketing plan customized for your business.

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So, How Can Our Facebook Advertising Services Help You?

With our help, you can successfully more visitors on your ads! Don’t believe us? Check out these KPIs for yourself.

Comments provide insights on the emotional relevancy, effectiveness of the ad

We check the likes and reactions (love, angry, sad, wow etc.) the ad generates

CPC tracks how much money you spend per click or any other action the user takes

We use CTR to check the Ad quality- how many people clicked to the landing page?

We calculate the Ad’s reach by the number of views and mentions it gets online

And finally, we check how many people ended up subscribing to your services.

Analyze Headlines | Check tone | Check Headline length

Latest Trends | Identify Buyer Persona | Market Insights

Mobile-friendly templates | Infographics | Customisable

Using The Best Tools To Create Stunning Facebook Ad Campaigns

You probably know how Facebook marketing helps your business. Now, let’s check out the tools our designers use to hit the sweet spot on this social platform. Each Ad campaign we design is backed by market research.

Partnering With A Proven Facebook Marketing Agency

Page Potato is among the few Facebook marketing agencies in Australia where you can find simple, affordable, and actionable solutions tailor-made for your business. We have served an array of clients- from coaches and trainers to doctors, wedding celebrants, educational services and more.

Other than that, we also manage other social media marketing for Instagram business account/FB page, etc.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to run a Facebook Ads Campaign?

There is no standard budget because every business has different needs and business goals. Here are some metrics we follow to decide the Facebook ads budget

  1. Size of the business
  2. Scalability of the business
  3. The industry/business sector
  4. The target market demographic
  5. Duration of the campaign
  6. Content requirements

If you are interested, we can set up a zoom call to discuss these factors, ad spend and other details.

Do $5 Facebook Ads work?

Short answer- yes, they do.
Long answer- you can make small-budget ads work on Facebook provided they are relevant, well-targeted, and actually add value to the customer’s viewing experience.
We often run your ads across different demographic groups- a process called A/B testing to check which population group responds best to your ad.

And finally, we also set up active campaigns to automate your emails, drive more leads and increase your customer conversion rates.

How can I monetize on my Facebook Ads?

You need four things to make money from your Facebook ads

  1. Sell the right product
  2. Sell it to the right customer
  3. Create the right content
  4. Select the right budget range

And Page Potato’s Facebook advertising services help you achieve all these goals.

What kind of Facebook ads would provide immediate results?

The Carousel Ads are the most popular, as they allow greater flexibility and creative freedom to our marketers.
The Canvas ads are also great for targeting mobile users and making your ads navigable across all screen sizes. It boosts visibility, user engagement and overall sales.

How can I get 1000 likes on my Facebook business page?

Unlike other platforms that offer Facebook Marketing in Melbourne, we don’t resort to spammy links, bots and other such means to increase likes on your business page.
Instead, Page Potato focuses on attracting relevant leads and likes to your page that can add value to your business and eventually become loyal customers. We deliver both quality and quantity.
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