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Automate your business to keep customers engaged, encourage resales, and expand your brand!
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Marketing Automation Mantras We Religiously Follow

Drive Relevant Traffic. Boost Conversions. Retain Customers.

Engage Leads

We generate new leads and engage existing ones

Nurture Leads

Impress visitors with attractive on-page content

Convert Leads

Encourage subscribers to make a purchase

Retarget Leads

Retarget existing customer to boost resales

A Few Words By Walter

Shan has been amazing and patient. He has been able to understand a concept from ideas and produce it from words to reality. With myself being time-poor, Shan has been supportive and constructive. I highly recommend Shan for any of your social media and web designing needs. A very professional and industry savvy individual.

Walter Spezza, Property Insurance Expert.


Let Our Active Campaign Specialists Work Their Magic!

Broadcast Emails

Introduce yourself to new leads with catchy broadcast emails

Triggered Emails

Track on-site visits/engagement and send emails to subscribers

Email Autoresponders

Follow-up using autoresponders emails to keep up the interest

SMS Automation

Create SMS templates to retarget former/existing clients for resales

WhatsApp reminders

Send WhatsApp reminders to interested contacts about latest offers

Facebook Ads

We optimize Facebook ads to target the right lead to the right page

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How We Use Marketing Automation To Optimize Your Social Media Ads

Facebook ads can bring in a huge number of leads to your website if used the right way. At Page Potato, we optimize your Facebook Business Page and create catchy ad posts to lure in more leads.

With market automation, we track the user interaction on each of these ads. The more traction an ad generates, the better conversion chances you have. We send personalized emails to introduce the brand to new visitors. At the same time, we send SMS reminders/WhatsApp messages to provide regular updates to existing customers.

Email Automation | Facebook Ads | Newsletters

Track Conversion Rate | Regular Reporting

Customize Email Templates | Schedule Emails

We use the best tools to automate your emails

We have a team of Active Campaign specialists in Melbourne to effectively meet all your business goals. Whether you want to build your contacts, encourage resales, target leads to your store or highlight a specific offer/product/service- we can do it all.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of setting up an email automation campaign for my business?

Each marketing automation project is unique as it has different business requirements and goals. Let’s schedule a zoom call or meet face to face if you’re in Melbourne to discuss the budget details? A few factors we look into when deciding the cost are:

  1. Size of the project
  2. Scalability of the brand
  3. Duration of the project
  4. Improvements/edits made
  5. Tools used in the project

How can I generate more leads to my website using Facebook Ads?

Facebook Marketing is a great way to generate and engage relevant leads to your website. We help growing businesses set up, launch and manage their Facebook business pages and accounts.

Our specialists also schedule regular Facebook Ad posts and track the user engagement on each ad post. Depending on the insights gathered, we use tools like Active Campaign to send emails, SMS, and WhatsApp messages to interested clients.

How to I reduce my website’s bounce rate?

Bounce rate is basically visitors bouncing off your website. Simply driving huge volumes of traffic to your website wont work. A major chunk of this traffic comprises of bots or spammy links. What you need is relevant leads that would ultimately make a purchase on your website.
Page Potato helps reduce your website’s bounce rate by optimizing your website. We provide web development services wherein we can renovate/revamp and existing website, work on its SEO and linking strategy to make it engaging attractive and value-adding.

How can Active Campaign help me expand my business locally?

Of course, our Active Campaign specialists helps clients set the business location and define customer demographic. This ensures that the right email or message reaches the right person. We also use these insights to understand the buyer persona for your brand.

What makes Page Potato stand out as a marketing automation agency?

Unlike any other marketing automation agency in Melbourne, Page Potato has solutions that are tailor-made for your brand. We are very flexible with our approach and would do whatever it takes to boost your conversion rate and sales.
The one thing that separates us from the rest is our transparent reporting system. We keep you in the loop about every update made in the campaign. This builds a sense of trust with our client.
Market Automation Solutions That Make Sense.