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Short Videos Delivered Within A Week!

We create 15-50 second explainer videos from scratch

We draft the script, add subtitles to whiteboard animations

We design and run video ads for Facebook/Instagram

We develop YouTube ads, informative and promotional videos

Affordable And Quick Video Making Services In Melbourne

A Breakdown Of Our Video Making Process.

Capture Requirement

Understanding client’s expectations and end goal


Preparing a storyline to capture tone of the video

Picking Templates

Choosing readymade templates to match the script


Editing templates to add images, text, special effects

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Explainer Videos Made Simpler

Capturing someone’s interest in a few seconds is quite a tough job. Lucky for you, the experts at Page Potato are here to make things easier. With short explainer videos, you can successfully keep your audience engaged with 20-30 second videos.

We help businesses design storyboards for videos of varying lengths. From short 20-second reels to 20-minute informative videos- we cover all.

Video scripting
Adding subtitles
Adding relevant visuals
HD quality videos
Optimized for mobile phones

What Client says about Us


We are an experienced online agency . We have many year work. We help you generate high-quality online sales leads by implementing highly structured, persuasive Internet marketing campaigns.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an Explainer Video cost?

There are a lot of factors that affect your budget. It would be best if we discuss these details over a zoom call. Some of the factors that contribute to the explainer video cost are:

  • Duration of the video
  • Subject matter
  • Business size, scalability
  • Audience base
  • Customizations required

How long should an Explainer video be?

The length of an Explainer Video can vary anywhere from 20 seconds to 20-minutes! The video duration depends completely on your requirement. If, for instance, you want a short promotional video to introduce a new product, then a 20-30 sec explainer video would do
However, if your requirement involves an intricate storyline, multiple characters or points you want to highlight, then 10-15minutes might suffice. We recommend you keep the videos short and to the point though, an average of 2-minute is the industry standard.
We also help clients with 5-10 second video ads for Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. These promotional video ads are a part of the paid social media marketing strategy.

How long does it take to produce a 1-minute video?

Contrary to what most people think, the design and video production process is pretty cumbersome. And making short 1-minute videos can take anywhere between a week to a month’s time. Some factors that affect this production process are.

  • Content of the video
  • Message, tone, emotional quotient
  • Understanding the user’s intent/requirement
  • Creating an elaborate script + adding subtitles
  • Choosing the right template or creating one from scratch
  • Finding relevant visuals (images, background themes, GIFs, video snippets etc)

When should I use a whiteboard animation video?

Whiteboard animation is used when the client has to explain or communicate a story/message to the audience. These videos have more visual content (with about 10-20% text/voice inclusion). The purpose of whiteboard animation is to effectively communicate a story/message without using a lot of words but only doodles, drawings, and pictures.

By when can you send over the first video draft?

After we’ve met and discussed your business goals, our team prepares a rough draft for the video. Here, we share the basic script, various elements, and a rough storyline for the video. We can work and rework on every aspect, over subsequent calls/meetings.
We usually send over the first draft/video proposal plan in a week’s time
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