7 Killer Hacks for Your Blogger Outreach Email Template

Outreaching to influencers and customers via email outreach is one of the oldest and proven methods to reach out to a new audience.

But with the advent of technology, it has been misused way too much, thereby reducing it to be a mere statistic of ineffective cold outreach.

There will always be situations where you have to reach out to people, who aren’t familiar with you or your company.

Now that unfamiliarity shouldn’t stop you from approaching them. But we must do it right.

While sending an email to a new recipient, we must remember that the person on the other end receives a ton of similar emails seeking their attention.

S/he is probably a very busy person who receives 100 emails every day or probably more.

Always remember to write your outreach emails keeping the receiver’s best interest in mind.

S/he will appreciate anything that seems a little customized according to him/ her.

Such personalization indirectly projects the importance the sender has given to the task of writing to the recipient.

As humans, we all have the natural tendency to cater to those who take us seriously.

There are some key traits of a successful email outreach for your marketing campaign and you can learn about them in this blog along with an exhaustive list of 23 sample email templates for your easy reference.

Check this comprehensive sketch note to get an over the idea as well.

Tips for effective Outreach Emails

Do the basics right for an outreach email

Your outreach e-mail has a subject line, the editor’s name, sample blog, and anything specific that you noted in their guidelines.

Being specific about the website’s guidelines shows you are dedicated and have paid attention to details. For those who are new to email marketing,

I would recommend you to check out this blog on Guide to Email Marketing for Marketers.

4 things you should be really attentive to are listed below.

  • Address to the recipient by their first name. It will make it awkward for both sides. Editors are sharp and busy people who have an eye for details.
  • Keep your subject line crisp and self-Explanatory. It should give a concrete idea about what your mail is about.
  • Know your editor and the target audience for the website. The editors are usually of 2 types, Busy and Super Busy. The structure you mail keeping the type in mind.

Both types appreciate a little flattery but only the “Busy” types can afford the time to read your flattery. The “Super Busy” types appreciate mails that are straightforward. How you manage that balance is absolutely up to you.

  • Timing, most us marketers do not keep in mind the importance of pitching at the right time. “Strike the iron when it is hot “.

These editors might be running their own campaigns; you could check out the topics they are writing about.

Check out the outreach emails of the top players in the market. What do the popular outreach emails have that you lack?

Do your research and suggest a topic that matches the taste of their audience, it would be hard to ignore them.

Ask for permission for link exchange in fresh innovative ways

You are new in the industry and trying hard for your marketing campaign to work. The connections you make matters a lot in the digital market too.

Now you can’t be expecting a website owner to do a favor to you, just because you think what you have to say is important.

Take their permission to feature them or their article in a blog post that you are planning.

This will let them know your similar interests in topics and how good you are at them.

Remember to write why you chose their great blog post for your article while writing it.

All these things will get you noticed sooner and your chances as a guest blogger on their website will obviously increase.

People remember these favors and might revert when you approach them later for a link exchange on their blog post.

It’s a mutual give-take relationship in the Digital market too.

Give them a reason to notice you

There are like a billion blogs floating on the web right now and some hundreds that are probably approaching the same editor as you.

Why do you think the editor will choose you or your website?

You have to give him/her the right reasons. I will give you an excellent example to make things easier for you.

Here Tim from Bloggerjet.com gives Jimmy 3 excellent reasons to notice his mail.

  • The first line is very subtle yet crisp flattery, it tells that both of them are suckers for epic articles.
  • The second line is again a smart way of saying “Tim you are an exception. I couldn’t resist sending you this article because it is so similar to the Skyscraper Technique you are supporting lately “
  • Importantly, the article in the picture here was featured in the “Moz Top 10” newsletter. It could be tweeted by someone influential or was shared too many times on social media.

Basically, pitch something that proves that you aren’t the only one who thinks that your article’s a stunner.

You should also send the image of a tweet that you favorited or a post that you shared.

That way he/she will know how well you know what they are into and about your genuine interest.

You can check out our blog on “secrets for successful guest blogging outreach” for more insights

Let your Smart Signature Speak About You

This is one aspect that is ignored by most marketers while doing their outreach campaigns.

It doesn’t have to be bragging, flashy with too many logos.

It should tell the basics about you and your brand- Name, Job Title, Company name, Phone Numbers, Social Profiles and the Logo

These will help the recipient to understand the company you work with.

The social profiles will help connect with you and know what your content is.

These factors play a great role in nurturing that relationship you want with the editor.

Our experts have shared other email marketing insights in the blog “ultimate guide to email marketing” that might interest you.

Piyuesh went a step ahead and has added the videos of workshops he has conducted.

This gives a brief idea about what topics he has mastered and how good he is at them.

It also impresses the editor that you are not just a Robot behind a computer screen but a real contributor in the digital market.

Competitor Bait To Lure Editors

While doing your outreach you are linking to editors/ industry linkers who are not new to linking or sharing articles on your topic.

These people are usually receptive to topics that they have shared or worked with in the past.

As digital marketers, most of us have to stay updated with what our competitor’s content is about.

Use this scope well and take it a notch higher.

Look out for sites/ pages that have shared their blogs.

It is just obvious that you have something similar in your content list.

Don’t you think the editor would appreciate something that he has shown interest in in the past?

All you have to do is spice up your content, make it more customized, and pitch the idea to the editor.

(Make it much better than your competitors, why else would he/she select your post over your competitors?)

Reach out on social media networks to connect with your email recipients

If you are a new digital marketer and expect your outreach emails to be opened and reverted, you are basically being foolish.

Editors already have too much on their plates, the hundreds of mails only making it harder for them.

If you are someone they are familiar with the chances of your mail being considered will be higher.

You should keep updating yourself with the editor’s latest posts.

Keep commenting and showing genuine interest in their topics.

This is more likely to get you noticed and improve your mail’s chances.

Most editors or bloggers you are reaching out to are influencers in their respective domains. When played right, you can always make influencers follow your brand.

This helps in improving the conversion rate of your emails as they already know you after the discussion over social media.

High-end personalization, even more for high authority blogs

The person at the receiving end is, yes a human.

No humans like being sent automated and generic mails, at least are less likely to respond to them.

Let the editor know that you know what they are up to, it could be something very small but personal. (Their interest in cats or the last trip they took)

While approaching websites with a high reputation (or high MOZ DA score) make sure to write a 400-500  word comment.

Be sure to write things that show that you are genuinely interested in that topic and ask doubts.

Engaging the editor in the comment section is a great way of gaining their attention.

Beyond that, there are many benefits of leaving comments in the blogs authored by the editors of your target blog.

23 Email Template Samples to Help You Create Your Own Template

The email templates are shared below in plain text format with the sample email subject at the top of each email template.

The sample email templates in plain text are aimed at serving this blog as a quick reference to use this as a base template.

You can then customize them as per your own requirement for your blogger outreach campaign.

The Beta Test Template

Use this when you are designing or launching a new product or service. They are creators at heart and usually five into the charm of developing something new.

Relationship Building Outreach Email

Email Webmasters for Broken Links

Do NOT Start With Cliched Phrases

Avoid phrases like “I have been your avid reader” and “I have been following you”.

Let’s Start a New Relationship Template

Give a Sneak Peek Template

To make them feel very valued in the industry.

Would Love to Have Your Valuable Opinion Template

The Expert Roundup Email Template

The “We Featured You” Template

The Free Sample Template

The Event Invitation Template

The Affiliate Marketing Template

 The Follow Up Template

A classic example of a template you SHOULD NOT Use.

This is wrong on so many levels.

1. Use your name, do your research.

2. It is an evident computer-generated template.

3. The last sentence has a rude tone to it.

The Guest-o-graphic Method Template

It is the approach that combines guest blogging & infographics.

Post Publish Promotion Template

The Exclusive Offer Template

The Did You Know (DYK) Facts Template

The Personalized Pitch Template

The “I Will Do The Work For You” Template

The Social Media Success Template

The Joke Template

The Response Template

The beta test, Template

I seriously hope this blog will guide you into making better outreach templates in line with your campaign objectives.

I would reiterate the fact stated earlier – Be authentic and provide some real value to the person at the receiving end.

This natural proposal to help those who you want help from is crucial for any marketing campaign to be successful.

And once your campaign triggers you will be the one at the receiving end. Be smart to reply to the bad emails than with a link to this article.

Did it help you, didn’t it? Am all ears to your feedback. 🙂